How would you calculate your cost per wear? Emotion? Cost? Quality?
district 10 | 71 offers 
comfortable, beautiful and quality clothing for all the special moments in life.

Maison Scotch

Scotch & Soda / Maison Scotch is born in Amsterdam, inspired by the world. Scotch & Soda are discoverers and collectors, looking all over the world for that one painting, poet, vintage piece of clothing, monument or artwork that inspires them continuously. These findings from all parts of the world are at the base of the collections. The collections are a surprising mix of patterns and fabrics, inspired by old classics and contemporary cultures. 

Fabienne Chapot

Fabienne Chapot is a Amsterdam-based lifestyle label, named after founder and CEO of the brand. The collection of ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, bags and accessories is 'fun with a little edge'. An eclectic mix of rich colours and playful prints.


Founded in 2004, Rosemunde is rooted in Scandinavian values, with romantic, feminine dynamism at its core. The company is built on beautiful clothes that are easy to wear, such as our bestselling signature silk camisoles, cardigans and fine knits. Functionality and femininity are the two essential elements in each and every piece that bears the Rosemunde name, giving women the touch of luxury, every day.

No Man's Land

Emerging from Dutch and Italian roots, no man’s land offers a wearable line of women’s clothing with Mediterranean elegance. The emphasis on comfort originates from ‘Dutch Design’, which is combined with Italian craftsmanship and passion for high-quality textiles. Pure materials, made from the finest yarns, are essential to the refined basics that no man’s land is well known for.


Masai designs and markets clothing for fashion-conscious women who prefer a relaxed and individual style. They use an interesting variety of different silhouettes in a mixture of fine fabrics in high quality and beautiful patterns to create the unique look that they have become known for.

Women by Earn

Women by Earn is the newest kid on our block in district 10|71. Women by Earn wants women to feel like real femine. Women by Earn offers a small collection of a few basic but beautiful items that every women should have in her closet and will contribute to this goal. 

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