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Besides RAINS, we have beautiful jackets and coats of
Creenstone, Giacomo and Langer Chen


As an outerwear specialist, unparalleled experience in carefully crafted coats and jackets makes a Creenstone as durable and practical as it is beautiful. Creenstone has years of expertise with the best materials and techniques, and as a result our coats are always flattering and comfortable, and hold their shape in all weathers. 
At Creenstone the mission is to celebrate the real woman by inspiring her to look and feel beautiful every day. Each Creenstone is made with love; stylish and modern, it can be co-ordinated with a woman’s entire wardrobe.

Langer Chen

Since 2009, LangerChen is dedicated to eco friendly and certified organic practices. The eco fashion jackets are produced in Shanghai and during the process, care is taken for the environment and the workers. 
LangerChen's message: 'We must all do what we can to use our earths resources as wisely as possible, because it effects all of us'
LangerChen's intention is to make a difference in the world and the earth by creating green products and a business based on sustainability. All LangerChen's unique organic fabrics are specially developed in Shanghai, using their own techniques.

Giacomo The Jacket

Giacomo is a Dutch brand, based in the city of Den Bosch. The jackets are femine and edgy at the same time. Giacomo always is on top of the newest trends and styles of contemporary fashion
The brand is named after the famous and notorious seducer Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, who plays the leading part in many books and films. 

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