district 10 | 71 is the local shop located in the middle of the 1071 Museum Quarter district where culture, art, fashion and food meet on no more than 1 square mile. district 10 | 71 is a 94 year-old family business with a history of pro-active innovation. Beginning in 1924 as a haute couture, handmade tailoring, the LINHARD family now launches district 10 | 71.
Million Euros contributed to the Amsterdam society


The Linhard family is rooted in the amazing district 10 | 71 that inspires thousands of people daily. Today local stores disappear, multinationals take over. The choice to leave the district to ‘the big guys’, is quickly made.

Not for the Linhard family, who, with its characteristic optimism, has taken the decision to move forward towards a century of existence. The spectacular makeover into district 10 | 71 maintains it's cherished traditions under which the families urge to continue to add value to Amsterdam’s social fabric in the broadest definition.

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